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Chalkboard painted walls are like mirrors in Feng Shui – great in the right spots, a disaster in the wrong places. How so? Both mirrors and chalkboard painted surfaces reflect the chi around them. If you want to magnify or reflect MORE of a good thing – burners in a neat and organized kitchen – great. Simply look at what would be multiplied in your surroundings and make the decision from there. However, I’ve seen chalkboard walls used in situations that make the occupants uneasy. One instance I’d avoid is a whole wall of chalk in a child’s room. Children pick up on energy much easier than us adults and can ‘feel’ the reflected energy back on them. The feelings of being overwhelmed, self conscious, ‘under water’, or pushed down can be very real in a space with too many reflective surfaces. That means they won’t sleep in the room. And the energy of writing or drawing things on the wall, especially in a child’s room, ‘live’ in the space long after they are erased – so only write positive things. Something that can be hard when guests come over or older kids ‘play’ with words and images on the chalkboard. Mirrors and chalkboards can feel like a portal to another world where one can get lost – which can be good or bad. In a small child’s room – it’s often too overwhelming and ends up a bad decision. If you decide to go with chalk in a small space, and as with all things Feng Shui, make your intention a part the process. Write out positive words on the wall before you add your first coat of chalk/paint. If you want to bring the family closer together? Write it out on the wall. You want to provide healthy, healing meals for your family? Write it out on the wall. Do you want your child to sleep all through the night with peaceful rest? Write it out on the wall. Then paint over the words with the top coats and your same loving intentions as the wording, all the while knowing you are bringing those intentions into your life.

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