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Celtic Tree Month of Holly

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in 5 Elements, Blog Post, Energy Flow Ch’i, Feng Shui, Good Luck, Green, Intention, Relationships & Love Gua | 0 comments

The Celtic Month of Holly, The Ruler, began on July 8th and runs through August 4th. Holly is considered one of regal signs and are natural leaders. You are drawn to power, ownership, take on challenges easily, and overcome obstacles with ease. You flow with ease over and around obstacles to meet your goals and so not see defeat as a negative. It simply gives you reason to redouble your efforts. And although you love to compete, you can get to carried away especially when it’s just ‘fun and games’. Holly folks are highly intelligent which can be a double edged sword; things are so easy for you to achieve so you can sometimes become complacent. People may find you to be arrogant when you only see yourself as confident so be sure to practice humility to show your true nature: kind, generous, and affectionate.

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