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Brother’s Day is celebrated on May 24th. And where would us girls be without our brothers? My little brother – who has been bigger than me since he was 13 — is one of my heroes and role models. He gives selflessly, loves with all his heart, forgives all, and honors his family by being a great dad. Today I honor my brother, the keeper of the “Daily Cash & Family” Wood Element gua by birth order – he is the oldest son in our family. May your days be filled with the love you give, may your nights be scented with the breeze waifing through the pines, may your life be filled with all the things you enjoy, may your world be filled with hope, love, intention, light, laughter, riches, abundance, wealth, time, health, happiness, old age, smiling faces, good news, quiet times of peace, victories, breath-taking views, lots of sisters sharing a laugh, a family that loves and appreciates you, and all your heart’s desires. You deserve all this and more, my baby brother.  And now for what that means to my brother, “Yeah, that sounds good. What you said.”  Ha, ha, ha!! LOVE you Franklin!!!!  (Want to know the Feng Shui of your birth order? Download my free ‘Birth Order Bagua Map’ handout at .)

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