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On May 21, 2013, I welcomed my first grandniece, Airas. Here is the love I shared two years ago to welcome that little bundle of love as well as some new wishes.

“Thoughts for an Inspired and Intentional Life for Airas Love on her birth date:
Life takes us on an amazing journey; sometimes it shows us adversity, sometime it shows us magic. The journey allows us to feel infinite love; the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones.
Always allow your journey to be mindful and remember that EVERYTHING is conspiring tirelessly for your best intent.
Keep your dreams close and renewed as you live your life and always, always, always remember that dreams do come true. They are the manifestation of your thoughts. So keep your thoughts positive, healthy, loving and wise. After all, you make the life you live with these amazing things called thoughts.
Live with your passion for love, laughter, light. Experience happiness, show compassion, smile often, pray a lot, meditate a WHOLE lot more, enjoy the seasons, tell your loved ones they are loved everyday with all your heart, hold hands, play every day, be yourself, accept yourself and your loved ones, be kind, be loved and – most importantly – be whole.”
New hopes and dreams for my beloved great niece? Always vibrate at the level of what you want to receive. Attract the love, kindness, patience, empathy, peace, hope, money, luck, prosperity, abundance, and faith you want to receive by giving those things to others. May your life be filled with all your favorite things. May your truth be spoken, your concerns heard, your needs met, your passions filled, your insight understood, your voice shared, your empathy unlimited, and your sight able to shed light on the world. May these things come easy, may they come with knowledge and wisdom, may they bring you peace. May you have balance and understanding. May you lead when needed, follow when advised, be open to the journey’s truth, live and laugh often, and use the WHOLE package of colors to fill up your world. These things I wish for you and  so much MORE.

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